Thursday, 20 August 2015

Survival or Extinction?

As the future unfolds

So do the human “brains”…

Transcending into a regressive state…

Survival or Extinction?

We hunt each other, a world of turmoil covered in pain and war….

We strive to change our sexes with fervent need….

We want to be equal sexes….

When we are all the opposite of each other who will give birth to more of us?

We want development…fast…with disregard for other species or resources….

We poison our very own planet

Survival or Extinction?

Educated and Learned yet we are further from our natural being than stone age ago….

We are our own virus….finding new ways to finish ourselves each dawn

A layman predicts the future so much clearer than the “professionals”

When does sense cease to be sense?

When does the opinion of the majority cease to be sense?

When do we realize we are but a dying species…..

For nature is the ultimate power

When a species is out of control….

Mother Nature prunes it to a level….

Survival or Extinction?