Friday, 21 August 2015

You never really know.....

It feels ultimately hopeless when you know you can never truly know what is in another person's heart...

When you fully submit yourself to another human being...for better for worse they say 

When you trust in love to love you as intensely and absolutely as you love them

When you loose yourself in another being ....nothing but a state of euphoria 

Vulnerable to just this one person in this whole world....

And then the fear hits you....they hold the hammer that can shatter you...


Trust in what is in your heart and know that some lessons may deeply hurt ...they aren't a reflection of you as a person....

Sometimes we meet people who aren't really ready for us at that time in their lives, and some we have to reluctantly admit are just parasites we accidentally we let them free...we detach ..not easy often it has proven...but we have to and we move on the horizon

There's nothing worse self damaging than holding on to a person with hopes of loving you how you need to and not knowing whether in time they will or not...

As much as it may hurt at that time...the past has taught us endurance...acceptance and most of love again as often as we need to....

To get to that place of peace mingled with fireworks <3

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Survival or Extinction?

As the future unfolds

So do the human “brains”…

Transcending into a regressive state…

Survival or Extinction?

We hunt each other, a world of turmoil covered in pain and war….

We strive to change our sexes with fervent need….

We want to be equal sexes….

When we are all the opposite of each other who will give birth to more of us?

We want development…fast…with disregard for other species or resources….

We poison our very own planet

Survival or Extinction?

Educated and Learned yet we are further from our natural being than stone age ago….

We are our own virus….finding new ways to finish ourselves each dawn

A layman predicts the future so much clearer than the “professionals”

When does sense cease to be sense?

When does the opinion of the majority cease to be sense?

When do we realize we are but a dying species…..

For nature is the ultimate power

When a species is out of control….

Mother Nature prunes it to a level….

Survival or Extinction?

The Beauty of Human Nature.....

They said "let go of the past...let it be"

I said "I shall embrace the pain and let it shine through"

They say time heals...those of us who've been through pain that feels never ending know naught...

What you do with time is what heals your wounds...

Though like a C-section..the wound beneath the surface will always remain...

We are created in a fashion where in time we forget our sorrows, hardships, struggles, loss....

We pick up and eventually flourish....

That is the human nature...To beautifully survive it all <3

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Atheism - not a belief system nor is it a religion

Dear Atheist,
what stops you?

so you say you lack belief in God
i entertained your idea...
tomorrow you shall die and be manure
no accountability
no higher power
i'm so tempted right now.....your lack of belief seems so free
so why can't I
live with absolutely no regard for any being?
what stops you?
after all....
the end is simply ....

what stops you?
Dear Atheist

Friday, 14 August 2015

Inner Peace

I struggled with the pain

of long lost love

of heart spent on his love

my elixir for a long time coming...

As the years shed off

my heart grew

bold....strong....dependent...alight with hope over the horizon

Realizing elixirs are in plenty ;)

you've just got to find one that fits to your disposition

like yin and yang <3

Thursday, 13 August 2015

All Lives Matter !

So Ciara posts this yesterday on her IG and the majority of the "African America" followers attacked her for caring about "some animals" in Africa instead of "Black lives" in America!


Two -  Sorry to say in order to be valued you need to value yourself first. African Americans should start by educating themselves that "Black lives" matter. Then put in practice what they preach.

Three - The only "African" entity in most African Americans is their ancestry and resemblance to us Africans in Africa! they know nothing about being African, the essence of being a true African was lost a couple of generations back.

Looking back at love

At 32 looking back at love over the years...

how different my approach is now than then

how my senses are more heightened, yet so settled ....

how I now appreciate the comfort of a companion

how  I now know its the imperfections between two people that make "love" so perfect 

how though I love so well I know with or without companionship I'll still be perfectly okay...